Who We Are

Armor for Rent is a new company with new Modern / State of the Art  Armored Personnel Carriers.  Our Vehicles are 2006 and newer.  You will  see many world militaries with similar vehicles from FNSS and Doosan.   Our Armored Vehicles are made in the USA in Michigan.  Our Armored  Vehicles are also fully amphibious!  If you have a Special Event or a  Movie needing a modern military vehicle, this is your vehicle.   Our  vehicles are serviced by a defense contractor who produces Armored  Vehicles to the USA and our Allies.  Don't rent a cheaper 70's, 80's, or  90's vehicle that will likely break down. 

Our Drivers

Armor  for Rent uses only professional CDL drivers for the vehicle in the  Baltimore area.  For our Movie Productions the Drivers are CDL drivers  with 20+ years of experience.

Our vehicles always have 2 operators running the vehicle.  

Our  drivers have been trained on how to operate and maintain the vehicle.   Servicing of the vehicle is done at a defense contractor.  We go the  extra mile to ensure the vehicle will not break down.  Plus the vehicle  is designed to ensure 99.9% operational capability.

Our Team

Ted Y.

Zachary O.